Brian Goulet's 5 Favorite Fountain Pen Inks

I've used a number of fountain pen inks over the years, and while I greatly enjoy exploring and trying new colors, there are some that find their way in my pens ...

“Still No Master Plan”: The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu's “2023: A Trilogy” - lareviewofbooks

OCTOBER 15, 2017

I SPENT A LARGE CHUNK of my free time in high school working my way through the public library’s science fiction collection — a single bookcase crammed with mass-market paperbacks. When I came across Robert Anton Wilson’s Masks of the Illuminati , I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I remember that bright red cover with the eye in the pyramid...


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Comparison Guide for the Best Fountain Pen
With interactive chart of the top 15 to find the best fountain pen for you. Focus on classics, evergreens or the most iconic ones. No hype or fashion.

Aurora Duo Cart | Fountain Pen Review
Recently, a large Italian company was celebrating its 60th anniversary, and approached the Italian pen manufacturer, Aurora, with a commission to produce a ...