What Paper Is Best To Use For Beginners? - Q&A Slices

Shop at GouletPens Store: http://www.GouletPens.com What paper do you think is best for beginners? there is a lot to consider with paper, and most of it is ...

Winston Churchill Cigar and Manuscript up for Auction - Fine Books & Collections Magazine

BOSTON, MA - Winston Churchill's cigar from a 1947 trip to Paris will be auctioned by Boston-based RR Auction.

Churchill’s half-smoked cigar from May 11, 1947 at Le Bourget Airport in Paris, measuring 4″ long, retaining the "La Corona / Winston Churchill" red-and-gold band at the end.

The cigar was retained by Corporal William Alan Turner, Air Quartermaster with 24...

Source: www.finebooksmagazine.com

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Steel Fountain Pens | 3 Series | Zebra Pen
I bought it thinking that it would be as good as their other products, but the pen seems incorrectly manufactured. The fib seems to flimsy to maintain the ink.