Waterman Hemisphere review

In this video I review my Waterman Hémisphère fountain pen (and, in less detail, the Hémisphère ballpoint pen). I like these pens, I really like the glossy black ...

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The sleek, smart styling of a Waterman ballpoint pen makes it a great way to accessorise a jacket pocket, available in all ranges including the bestselling Hemisphere.

Carène - Waterman
The streamlined silhouette reflects a determination to achieve absolute purity, notably in the sublimely integrated nib of the fountain pen version.

Waterman Family Album » Ravens March Fountain Pens
I mention at the end of the page devoted to Waterman that it is a problematic company for pen identification. While the early models present little challenge, and ...

Waterman » Ravens March Fountain Pens
This may have been due to the company being in the hands of the same man since L.E. Waterman’s death, his nephew Frank D. Waterman. Frank had been responsible for ...

Aurora - Colorado Pen
A resurrection. Aurora has just brought back the 1960s Duo Carte fountain pen in two stunning finishes. This was the pen your grandfather and grandmother used with pride.