Historical Ronald & Nancy Reagan Signature Engraved Personally Owned Pen Set

  • Historical Ronald & Nancy Reagan Signature Engraved Personally Owned Pen Set
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Montblanc; Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany;

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Impeccable Provenance from Christie's and John Reznikoff

There are items that hold incredible value for a large number of reasons. Some due to the materials used to create them. Others due to the time it took for their creation...some are valuable because of the person who owned them. The items we bring to you today encompass every single one of those valuable traits. Take home a remarkable piece of American Presidential history with this truly rare pen set. 

The first item is a Montblanc pen that was owned by one of the most iconic and popular presidents of the United States - a man who set a completely new standard for the kind of life and the kind of background a citizen could have before taking on the great responsibility of becoming our nation's leader. This man is none other than Ronald Reagan. The pen features his signature engraved into the cap, likely meaning this was the late President's favorite and most well used pen.

Alongside President Reagan's Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire Vermeil Pinstripe rollerball pen, we offer Nancy Reagan's Cross pen, which is also engraved with her initials. We purchased this handsome, historic pen set with provenance from Christie's, where it was sold as part of the Reagan estate. It was originally believed that both pens belonged to Nancy Reagan. Veritably, the charming Cross pen did in fact belong to the First Lady, as her initials "NDR" are engraved on the top. One of the pens in the set was heavily tarnished, however. After careful restoration, it was revealed that the engraving on the cap was not that of Nancy's name, but instead of the former President himself! It was certainly like finding buried treasure!

Ronald Reagan changed the course of the Cold War and played a...