Vintage 18K Solid Yellow Gold Cross Fountain Pen

  • Vintage 18K Solid Yellow Gold Cross Fountain Pen
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Specifications: metal: 18k solid gold; Brand: Cross; color: yellow;

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This is a 1980s vintage 18k solid gold (27.80 gr - 0.98 oz )  Cross fountain pen. It is encased in close to one full ounce of 18K solid yellow gold made in Italy. Medium nib.  Comes with a blue ink cartridge inside and 4 extras.  Cap snaps on and off (snaps nicely, but not too tight) just pull off and snap back on., changing the refill - screw bottom on and off.

Dimensions: 5 3/8" long. 

I have researched the nib as it is only marked "Cross" and "M" and has no other markings so I don't know what the metal is.  I have not been able to find any information as to the metal the nib is made with.  Information is appreciated.

This pen writes like new.

The pen nib and cartridge area  has been fully cleaned.   Every aspect of the pen has been tested and all is in order.

Condition: As close, as close, as close to new as vintage can get!  I don't know if it was ever used.  In perfect condition, no dents, no dings, no breaks, no leaks. 

Ink cartridge refill: Cross Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge 8920.

Hallmarks  and stamps:  On the nib are "CROSS" and "M".  The  casing is stamped 750 (the stamp used in Italy for 18K) and with the Italian goldsmith's gov't issued id #.  

The pen comes with a brown suede sleeve.

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