Glare T-7 translucent body fountain + T-7C Ice Sport Ink Cartridge -Pen (GREEN

  • Glare T-7 translucent body fountain + T-7C Ice Sport Ink Cartridge -Pen (GREEN
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Glare Custom T-7 translucent body fountain pen - GREEN

The Glare Custom T-7 fountain pen comes with a translucent body and cap. There are several color options from clear& brighter colors like blue, red, orange& green. Colours and transparent look of the pen design allows you to view the ink level within the pen very easily.

 The pen comes in a small cardboard box

 Glare Custom T-7  fountain pen offers a nib that is German chrome colored to match the clip on the pen. The pen writes super smooth and lays down a nice line of ink and the ink flow is consistent and generous.

 The Glare Custom T-7 fountain pen is a cartridge/converter style fountain pen and comes with ink converter included. The converter fills by repeatedly pressing the button on the top while the nib is submersed in the ink bottle. Because the converter body is clear it allows the ink levels to be seen. The converter also has chrome accents consistent with the pen.

 The pen is a nice size and well balanced. I like the way the pen feels in my hand as I write. It feels well-constructed and good quality. I am confident that it is a durable pen and is made to last. Great overall pen.

The Glare Custom T 7 fountain pen should definitely be in the running if you are looking for a great mid-price fountain pen! The pen not only looks great but performs well. The Glare T-7  fountain pen is durable and built to last. One of my favorite go to pens. A must have!

Length: 5.500 in.

Posted Length: 6.250 in.

Weight: 0.800 oz.

Body/Trim: Resin/Rhodium

Fill Type: Cartridge/Converter

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