Fountain pen Rotring Freeway F Metal body

  • Fountain pen Rotring Freeway F Metal body
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany; Brand: rOtring;

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Fountain pen Rotring Freeway F Metal body 100

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Freeway is the latest range of writing instruments from Rotring. Its classical form and high gravity finish makes this writing instrument extremely attractive. The weight of the pen makes writing with the Freeway both smooth and easy, even at high speed.  The fountain pen features a stainless steel  nib with an Iridium tip for durability and smoothness.

  Fine Writing Instruments. The Rotring pen company, founded in 1928, still based in Hamburg, imprints each pen or pencil with a red ring, which in German means “Rotring.” Rotring Pens - distinctively different. This sophisticated brand of writing instrument is for people who develop intelligent concepts and have a committed desire to bring their thoughts to life. Rotring's technical perfection and ergonomic design, provides a comfortable, tireless writing experience.

Most of us know Rotring as the manufacturers of technical pens and mechanical pencils, mostly used by draughtsman and designers. The German company are indeed the makers of the finest such drawing and sketching instruments since 1928. 

You hold the pen in your hand and immediately it speaks to you

The Aluminum body and cap are heavy giving a feel of solid and expensive pen. The section and nib are stainless steel, in shining contrast with the rest of the pen’s matte finish. The only choice of nib was ‘F’ in this colour. Another thing you notice is the top of the nib is plain devoid of any writing to accentuate the shining steel effect

Pen comes with one Standard International short cartridge

. It grips the fabric of the shirt pocket quite nicely without too much of pressure, just enough to hold it firmly.

 Rotring pen more by its unusual color and finish. The pen has a matte finish BLUE Aluminium body with brushed steel trimmings. A very...