Tombow FP-CDZ14F Zoom 101 Fountain Pen (Point Type:Fine) Japan new .

  • Tombow FP-CDZ14F Zoom 101 Fountain Pen (Point Type:Fine) Japan new .
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Specifications: Brand: Dragonfly (Tombow); UPC: Does not apply; MPN: FP-CDZ14F;

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DescriptionCompany nameDragonfly (Tombow)Brand nameDragonfly (Tombow)Product CodeFP-CDZ14FSize1x1x14Weight500Item Description1Mechanism: cap typeItem Description2Axis: CFRP ? clear paint finishItem Description3Clip tip-tail: duralumin anodized finishItem Description4Pen tip: Stainless rhodium coat finishItem Description5Single item weight: 14gTerms of Sale

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