#53 AGJ Original Maki-e Fountain pen Coin "Koban" Sailor KOP King of Pens Kyoto

  • #53 AGJ Original Maki-e Fountain pen Coin "Koban" Sailor KOP King of Pens Kyoto
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Specifications: Pen Type: Togidashi Taka Maki-e; Brand: Sailor; Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan; Country of Manufacture: Japan; Product Type: Fountain Pen; Age: New in Box; Nib: 21K; Finish: Togidashi Taka Maki-e;

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AGJ Original Maki-e Fountain Pen
"Koban (Japanese old coin)"
Sailor King of Pen KOP
Kyoto Togidashi Taka Maki-e Makie This AGJ original Maki-e Fountain pen is made by famous Kyoto Maki-e Artisan "Daikai".
This design is an AGJ's original. You can not find anywhere else.
Kyoto Maki-e is the best known Maki-e technique in Japan.
This is original Maki-e fountain pen based on Sailor fountain pen, King of Pen.

Kyoho Koban (Japanese old coin): Tsuke-gaki Makie
Raised by sprinkling silver powder twice and coating white urushi lacquer three times
Kyoho big size Koban (Japanese old coin) made by Gold in early 1700s
These characters in India ink say "Jyuryo issued by Goto"
Jyuryo(Ten Ryo): Old Japanese monetary unit

Kan-ei Tsuho(Japanese old coin):
Bring up with Silver powder and Urushi twice, then sprinkling alloy(Gold and Copper) powder
Waves and borders: Sprinkle Gold powder after bringing up by silver powder and urushi on the background

Tensho Koban(Japanese old coin): Tsuke-gaki Makie
Gold powder

Go-san Paulownia(One of the Family crests):
Sprinkle silver powder and coat urushi on it twice

Bunsei Nanryo silver coin[1820-30 A.C.]:
Sprinkle silver powder and coat it, then do the same thing twice
Then, burnish and polish it
The characters are used Silver powder

Ichibu-Gin (Japanese old silver coin): Tsuke-gaki Makie
Raise the whole design by sprinkling silver powder and coat urushi lacquer twice, and then make characters using silver powder

Tenpo Tsuho (Japanese old coin):