MontBlanc L136G KM Nib Long Ink Window Meisterstück 14C Celluloid Fountain Pen

  • MontBlanc L136G KM Nib Long Ink Window Meisterstück 14C Celluloid Fountain Pen
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Montblanc; Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany;

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Specific description:

For sale is a very rare 136 Montblanc from around the 1940's this may be somewhat older. The pens telescopic filler system works excellent holds ink with no issue what so ever, It has been professionally serviced. 

This a stunning example of a 136 it has several distinct features that set it apart. The nib is a very rare KM nib. the nib is one of the most flexible I have ever written with, it is a stunning example! The KM means that it is more ball like than the regular flat nibs. The pen was also sold by the stoffhaas stationary shop in Germany, they where an exclusive retailer for Montblanc pens at the time. The S. - S. engraving is something very rare on these pens. 

The celluloid on the pen is in stunning shape and has stunning luster and shine. 

The nib is a two-tone 14C. There is slight wear on the rhodium plating of the nib. The wear is very slight and cosmetic, it does not effect the writing or the shine of the nib in any way. 

The feeder system is authentic to the 136 as can be seen from the picture. 

The pen is being sold with a modern Montblanc box for its protection.

There are no cracks micro or otherwise on any part of the pen. The pen is near mint condition fully functioning and ready to write or an addition to any collection. 

The rings on the pen are not loose, and the gold has no scratches or loss of luster. 

Overall the pen is in stunning shape.


(9.5/10) Fountain pen

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PM = Pristine Mint. Untouched, unfilled. No marks or spots whatsoever. Crisp color. Never filled. This condition rarely exists. Absolute perfect condition.

M = Mint. Perfect condition. No marks, spots...