Pelikan Limited Edition Maki-e Mubyo & Takara-zukushi (Health & Wealth) *60 set

  • Pelikan Limited Edition Maki-e Mubyo & Takara-zukushi (Health & Wealth) *60 set
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Modified Item: No; Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany; Material: Gold; Features: Gold Trim; Brand: Pelikan;

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Pelikan Limited Addition Maki-e Fountain Pen-set “Mubyo” (Health) and “Takara-zukushi” (Wealth)

Maki-e is a traditional art of Japanese lacquer painting renowned for its beauty and artistry. Pelikan “Mubyo” and “Takara-zukushi” are a set of two fountain pens, using Kaga Togidashi-Taka-maki-e techiques, which is a combination of Taka-maki-e and Togidashi-maki-e.

“Mubyo” (Health)

According to Japanese legend, God lives in a large gourd. For this reason, it is highle valued as a charm.

The gourd has a very practical use for carrying fluids, aspecially wine, which has medicinical value.

A combination of six gourds in Japanese is pronounced as “Mubyo” which means absence of sickness. Therefore these six gourds are cherished items belived to be able to bestow a long and healthy life.

The six colourful ripen gourds drawn on the Pelikan M1000 have an elegant look.

“Takara-zukushi” (Wealth)

Takara-zukushi is a collection of figures which symbolize wealth. The following figures are depicted on the Pelikan M1000 in Kissho design.


This precious globe realizes one’s wishes.


The key to the treasury.


The magic hammer when struck grants whatever one has wished for.


The tropical evergreen tree supplies herbal medicine and spices.

In addition to the above symbols, Tachibana (Mandarin Orange), Tabane-noshi (Bundle of tokens attache to gift), Fundo (Weight for bean balance), Kinchaku (fabric pouch) and Makimono (roll of document) are drawn. These symbols are believed to bring good fortune and are also used to designs for Japanese noble clothing and sash.

The Pelikan “Mubyo” and “Takara-zukushi” is made from the highest quality materials and assembled by hand. The worldwide issue for the Pelikan “Mubyo”...