Noodler's Ink Ahab Flex Fountain Pen - #15044 Amazon Pearl

  • Noodler's Ink Ahab Flex Fountain Pen - #15044 Amazon Pearl
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Specifications: Brand: Noodler's; Model: Ahab; Ink Color: Fill with your favorite ink.; Sub-Type: Fountain Pens; Country/Region of Manufacture: India; Pen Type: Fountain;

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The Noodler's Ahab flex pen features a steel flexible #6 nib and a slide piston mechanism which can be removed to use the pen as an eyedropper. The Ahab body is made of a celluloid derivative which is technically biodegradable and formed from a "renewable resource" known as vegetal resin. 
The Noodler's flex pens were designed to be taken apart for cleaning and adjusting. The nib and feed are easily removed and can be adjusted and heat set for optimal performance.