Vintage Waterman 18K Solid Yellow Gold Fountain Pen

  • Vintage Waterman 18K Solid Yellow Gold Fountain Pen
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Specifications: Brand: Waterman; metal: 18K solid gold; nib size: medium; color: gold;

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1980s vintage 18k solid yellow gold (27.40 gr - 0.96 oz )  Waterman fountain pen made in France and encased in 18K solid yellow gold in Italy. 18K gold medium nib.   It comes with a black ink cartridge inside and 2 extras.  Cap snaps on and off (nice tight snap) just pull off and snap back on.  To change the refill - screw the nib on and off.  Dimensions: 5.25" long.

The pen nib and cartridge area  has been fully cleaned.  

The pen has been tested and writes perfectly.   

Condition: As close to new as vintage can get.   Very gently used.   In perfect condition, no dents, no dings, no breaks, no leaks.  Light surface wear.

Ink cartridge refill: Waterman mini cartridge 52126-W1

Hallmarks  and stamps: "G408623". On the nib are "750 and 18K" , "WAT SA".  The  casing is stamped 750 (the stamp used in Italy for 18K) and with the Italian goldsmith's gov't issued id #.  

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