Pilot Namiki Dragon Elite Model Maki-e Fountain Pen 18K Script nib (Rare)

  • Pilot Namiki Dragon Elite Model Maki-e Fountain Pen 18K Script nib (Rare)
    Condition: New
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    Location: Singapore
Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan; Brand: Pilot;

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Pilot Namiki Dragon Elite Model Maki-e Fountain Pen 18K Script nib (Rare)

Product Description

Offered for sale is a the Pilot Dragon Maki-e Fountain Pen.  This is the Elite model made by Pilot.  The pen is likely made in the 1960s-70s and is no longer in production. I have never inked the pen.  However, it may be dipped by the first owner.  The pen comes with its original box, original converter as well as two original packets of ink cartridges of that era.  The details of the dragon is spectacular and the artwork is signed by the Maki-e artist.  This is not to be confused by those made in the 1980s-90s where the pens are not signed by the artist.  This pen also comes with the more uncommon 18k script nib. A truly collectible piece of art.

Kindly drop me a message if you require more photos.

Please feel free to ask me all questions at least 12 hours before this auction ends.

Thank you for your interest and all the best in your bidding!


  • Brand new.
  • Fountain pen is in mint condition as far as I am aware (i.e. uninked and undipped)

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