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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Waterman;

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WATERMAN “THE SMALLEST” owned by Cavalier Drisaldi





It was in the early 1900s that the italian branch of L.&.C. Hardtmuth became the sole agent for Waterman in Italy, based in Milan at Via Bossi 4.


It was therefore that Cavalier Carlo Drisaldi, head of the L.&C. Hardtmuth agency in Milan, was entrusted with the distribution of Waterman pens in Italy.


Cavalier Drisaldi’s commercial and promotional activities in Italy initially followed the path taken by the Hardtmunts in Great Britain; it’s worth noting, however that the outbreak of war in 1914 also saw the dropping of all references to L.&C. Hardtmuth in Italian Waterman catalogues and advertsiments, which thereafter bore only a simple heading consisting of Cav. Carlo Drisaldi’s name and his Milan address at Via Bossi.


(from WATERMAN SAFETY – The art of overlay in Italy 1900-1940 – by Letizia Jacopini)



We come to the story of this pen that came to me through the son of the woman serving the daughters of the Cavalier Drisaldi.

This pen were honored by the daughters to the woman for the services offered, specifying that it was an important pen donated to Drisaldi by the Waterman Management when in NY, was signed the commercial agreement for the sale of pens from the Italian branch.In honor of the truth, I can also present and sell what was the passport of the time with other documents and photo of the Drisaldi family and a Waterman’s  ashtray. The pen is 5,00 cm. capped and is with a 12 ½ BABY with gold band (8,7 cm) for comparison.

With the band and dedication I truly believe it is a unique and personalized piece

I can also accept reasonable offers, considering the rarity of the item.