President John F. Kennedy Parker 45 Signing Fountain Pen - The White House - JFK

  • President John F. Kennedy Parker 45 Signing Fountain Pen - The White House - JFK
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John Fitzgerald “JFK” Kennedy
35th President of the United States of America

This is a very rare John F. Kennedy Parker “45" desk - bill signing - fountain pen. The pen features a 'clipless' cap for storage.  These pens were ordered by the Kennedy White House in 1963 just before the Presidents death as an alternative to the much more common Easterbrook pens. The Kennedy Parker "45' is much rarer than the Kennedy Easterbrook. Like the Kennedy Easterbrook pens the Parker “45” has the wording:


This was the first of the Parker “45” pens that soon became a favorite bill signer of future Presidents. However, the more recent “45” Parker bill signers were ballpoint or roller ball pens. President Kennedy was the first and only to use a Parker “45” fountain pen. This contributes to the rarity of this item.  President Johnson was the first President to have his facsimile signature and the Presidential seal on both his bill signer pens and their box. This tradition has carried through to the current President. With the past three Presidents using Cross signing pens. 

The pen is presented in its display case as shown.  It is  packaged with the original note advising how to store the pen as a memento. Both pen and case are in excellent condition. 

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