PLATINUM Modern Maki-e # 17 Phoenix Medium(M) Nib 18K Gold with Converter

  • PLATINUM Modern Maki-e # 17 Phoenix Medium(M) Nib 18K Gold with Converter
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Platinum; Country of Manufacture: Japan;

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Brand New 【Authentic】 PLATINUM Japan

perfect, brand new, made in Japan, never used
With a brand new gift box
With a manual of the manufacturer written in Japanese
With an ink cartridge for PLATINUM fountain pen's exclusive use

PTL -12000M # 17 Phoenix

Modern Maki-e Phoenix(Hoou)

AS resin body with plating cap
Pen nib
18Kt Gold Nib
Medium(M) nib.
Barrel: 13mm (max diameter)
Length: 139mm
Weight: 17.2g

Filling Mechanism:Cartridge (Black x 1 )/converter
Modern Maki-e Modern Maki-e is one of the technique which is done by silk screen printing,
under the layer and finished by Maki-e craftsman's hand one by one.
About "The Phoenix" A wonderful combination of the modernity and the tradition!!!
Each modern Fountain Pen from Platinum is decorated with Japanese Maki-e painting.
The edition is available with three traditional designs: Warbler, Crane and Phoenix.
Each of these designs depicts an element of life.
Phoenix symbolizes prosperity and wealth, while Crane is a symbol of the happiness and Warbler depicts luckiness.
Each pen is your companion on your way to achieve your goal.
Platinum Platinum produces a variety of Maki-E pens, including lacquer carving, pearl inlay and pens with the Kanshitu-rough volcanic-type surface.
In 1919, Syunichi Nakata, a collector of imported fountain pens, opened a small fountain pen shop in Okayama, Japan.
His shop became very successful in a short period.
In 1924, he moved to downtown Tokyo, adjacent to several pen manufacturers, and officially named his company Nakaya...