Lot Of 3 - Wality 69EB Ebonite Handmade Fountain Pens Eyedropper Fine Nib New

  • Lot Of 3 - Wality 69EB Ebonite Handmade Fountain Pens Eyedropper Fine Nib New
    Condition: New
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    Location: India
Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: WALITY; Material: EBONITE; Features: Chrome Trim; Country/Region of Manufacture: India;

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yes u will get 3 pens .
Airmail / Wality are Indian manufacturers of quality Fountain Pens. The pens are eye droppers, have huge ink capacity and writes extremely smooth. Each pen is tested and marked for sale. Lightweight pen with 19 grams weight only . A very good quality pen to add in ur collection . Presenting the 69EB (EB - EBONITE) Each pen is handmade from a block, its drilled in a lathe machine and then smoothened by hand. The feeder and nib is set and then tested before going for sale. A lightweight, full sized fountain pen made from authentic Indian Ebonite, hand polished to a glossy finish.  Airmail make these pens exactly the same way they always have and this is exactly like the fountain pen you would have bought back in the 50s or 60s. The first fountain pens were eyedroppers like this one and Ebonite was the most common material used to make fountain pens until the late 60s when plastics began to take over. Ebonite is a wonderful material for a fountain pen and today it's generally only used on very expensive pens.Ebonite is a very hard, inflexible version of rubber invented by  Charles Goodyear in 1839. It's made from natural rubber and sulphur, treated  with heat in a process known as vulcanisation. Ebonite is durable, chemically  stable, machinable, mouldable, polishes to a natural high gloss and is an  excellent electrical insulator. It's name comes from the natural wood Ebony  which it closely resembles. Ebonite was used in just about every aspect  of life from the 1800s to the 1960s . 
Eyedropper pens get their name from the way  you fill the pen with ink - with an eyedropper. These are the original and  simplest type of fountain pens. They have no internal filling mechanism and do  not need ink cartridges or convertors. The barrel of the pen acts as the ink  reservoir. Most modern fountain pens use an ink cartridge which  contains between 0.5 and 0.75ml of ink. Convertors and Aeromatic fillers hold  about the same. Eyedropper...