Made in USA Sheaffer triumph imperial 23KT Gold Fine Fountain Pen and Desk Clock

  • Made in USA Sheaffer triumph imperial 23KT Gold Fine Fountain Pen and Desk Clock
    Condition: New
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    Location: Pawtucket,RI,USA
Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Featured Refinements: Sheaffer Imperial; Brand: Sheaffer; Country/Region of Manufacture: United States;

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Cross Sheaffer Made in the USA  triumph imperial 23KT Gold Fine nib Fountain Pen with 23KT Gold barrel and appointments with Desk Clock

  • For those who combine timeless elegance and modern day style, there is the 1995 Sheaffer triumph imperial 23kt MADE IN THE USA Fountain pen with desk clock . Its distinct wide profile and signature Sheaffer design evoke a sense of true luxury. Recall the days when details made a difference as your fingers glide over every precise design element. Have a writing companion as distinct as you are that exudes quality, craftsmanship and prestige. The Sheaffer imperial ? Triumph Imperial Collection brings together the classic elegance of timeless Sheaffer? design with modern day style. The range comes in a variety of finishes to suit every lifestyle and taste; from the classic 22K gold plate to hand finished exquisite Laquer? and contemporary matte black and palladium plate. With its wide-bodied barrel tapering to an elegant rounded tip the Sheaffer Triumph Imperial collection is the natural choice for those consumers who prefer a wide profile writing instrument. Each writing instrument is finished in accordance to Sheaffer's quality standards. Fountain pen features: jeweler's mark. Cartridge/ converter filling system. Each pen comes in a pen case.




For generations, the Cross Pen  has symbolized "job well done." For the unique wedding,spouse,son, graduate,birthday, new hire, or recent promotion, few choices convey your well wishes as tastefully as this Satin black fountain pen with longevity of agelessness