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"Behold this fair goblet, Twas carved from the tree, Which O my sweet Shakespeare, was planted by Thee; As a relic I kiss it, and bow at the shrine; What comes from thy hand must be ever divine.” And on went David Garrick, the famous Shakespearean actor in 1764, for eight more stanzas, comparing all other grades of wood to 'The Mulberry.' He speaks, of course, of the famous Mulberry Tree that Shakespeare, himself, planted at his home at Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Krone has procured a piece of this same tree, and has gracefully embedded it upon the mighty tool of Shakepeare's trade, the pen.
William Shakespeare is the embodiment of pen and ink. He is the most quotable and most quoted.
Shakespeare is a towering figure of magnificent isolation from our times, lacking virtually and direct material connection to his life. The greatest writer in history, it is said, is but a name. 'No letter of his writing, no record of his conversation, no character of him drawn with any fullness by a contemporary,: have been extracted by antiquaries from the vast numbers of antiquities which they have sifted through for more than 300 years.
Krone LLC, creators of rare collectible writing instruments, presents the William Shakespeare fountain pen. Any relic of Shakespeare is virtually unobtainable. Authenticated pieces of Shakespeare’s Mulberry Tree have been inset into and 18kt.- gold and .925 sterling silver relief. The pen is handcrafted from a deep regal purple celluloid. An 18kt.-gold vignette of Shakespeare is inlaid into the .925 sterling silver overlay, designed in Elizabethan motif.

The cap bears Shakespeare’s signature and family crest. Available in fine, medium, or broad nib sizes. Piston filling system. Relics from Shakespeare’s life and times are so scarce, that this on represents the finest rare and magnificent collectible honoring the ” immortal bard.”

This pen is a limited edition of 388 sterling silver, 188...