Retro 51 Lincoln EXT Copper Tornado Fountain Pen #VRF-1331-F / Fine Point NIB

  • Retro 51 Lincoln EXT Copper Tornado Fountain Pen #VRF-1331-F / Fine Point NIB
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain Pen; Brand: Retro 1951; NIB: Fine; Featured Refinements: Retro 51 Pen;

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This listing is a New Retro 51 #VRF-1331 Lincoln Antique Copper Tornado Fountain Pen with fine nib. This pen is packaged in a round pull apart tube with the Classic Retro 1951 graphics as shown in the photos. The NIB is a Schmidt Iridum stainless steel and fine point. The pen uses standard ink cartridges as well as the converter.

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Who Has The Coolest Packaging In The Pen Business?

….Retro 51….. Who Else!

About Retro 51

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Retro 51 pens are made with the 1951 standards. They use the statement “We build them the way they used too” This is a powerful statement to the level of commitment that they put into the quality of this pen. The Retro 1951 style is relayed in the packaging of the pen also. They offer pens in a wide variety of sizes from the Big Shot Tornado to the Elite Series. With the Tornado you have the flexibility of using ballpoint ink or, roller ball ink with your pen. You also have a wide choice of colors and finishes. Retro 51 is moving forward without forgetting its roots and making pens that everyone will love.

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