Cross Made in USA Townsend Red Marble & Solid 14k Gold XF nib Fountain Pen

  • Cross Made in USA Townsend Red Marble & Solid 14k Gold XF nib Fountain Pen
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    Location: Pawtucket,RI,USA
Specifications: Pen Type: FOUNTAIN PEN; Brand: Cross; Country of Manufacture: United States; Product Type: FOUNTAIN PEN; Age: NEW IN BOX; Material: Metal;

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Cross Made in the USA Townsend Red Marble and Solid 14k Gold XF nib Fountain pen

An heirloom-in-waiting, and a solid 14k nib Fountain pen that will change the way you feel about writing. The impeccable cardinal red , Made in Lincoln, USA Townsend series Pen features the sophistication of solid 14k nib appointment laid with sophistication of craft and technology.This rare Made In the USA cardinal red marble with Solid 14k xf nib is Great addition for any cross pen collector and as a gift to someone of value.************************* This gorgeous pen is perfect for gift giving and will let the recipient know how much you care. Whether it's a graduation, promotion or you have decided to do something nice for yourself - Do it with a Cross. Cross pens feature an exclusive unquestionable lifetime guarantee - So get a pen that could be handed down for generations to come with perpetual warranty irrespective of age. You will not be disappointed with quality, craftsmanship and beauty of the Townsend Cardinal Red Fountain Pen.

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Choose Script or Double Line Gothic engraving for more formal occasions; Block or Times for a more contemporary look.


 Brand NeW In Cross GiFt BoX

                                  This set is backed by life warranty of Cross

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