SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen

  • SAILOR KOP Ebonite 1911 Profit Large Black 21K Gold NAGINATA TOGI M Fountain Pen
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Sailor; Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan; MPN other: 11-7806-420 117806420 Made in Japan Japanese Pens Point; Related models: 11-7002-620; Features 1: Black KOP 1911 Profit Large King of Pens Large Size Full Size; Features 2: Naginata Togi M Medium Nib 21K GOLD Karat Kt; Functions Similarity: Does not apply; Designs Similarity: Pilot Bexley Delta Nakaya and Platinum; Other Specs: Limited Rare Brand New Collectible Classic Vintage;

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King of Pen or also known as KOP is one of the most elegant and luxurious fountain pen edition of Sailor. The 'King of Pens' is introduced as the top of the range, developed as the symbol of Sailor’s technology, quality and writing perfection gained with experience about 100 years. The size of King of Pen is a little similar to the Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000. The pen is believed to fit with larger hands. Special attention has been given to the oversized 21K solid gold nib (the life and soul of the fountain pen), which gives top writing quality.

Sailor KOP: Large Ebonite Edition

The whole body is polished with handcrafted Ebonite material, giving a glossy look. Ebonite, a special naturally produced resin material requiring special production processes. Ebonite material is very warm to the touch and it’s rich elasticity and unique texture provides quality and character to the product. This large size 1911 Profit is perfect for those to want to try to big pen such as Montblanc 149 or Pelikan M1000.

Special Gift Box with ink, converter, cartridges and cleaning cloth included.

Ink Flow & Naginata Togi Strokes

One special point for Sailor nib is that, the more you write, the smoother the pen becomes. So we have one TIP for you: please ink up and try to draft for a while until you get used to it, at that time you will see the ink will flow constantly and smoothly as you expected.

Naginata Togi nib is available in three variations: Medium Fine, Medium and Broad and each of them delivers different tipping size:
Naginata Togi Medium Fine: 

Widest Down-Stroke: 0.4mm; Widest Cross-Stroke: 0.6mm

Naginata Togi Medium: 

Widest Down-Stroke: 0.55mm; Widest Cross-Stroke:...