Pilot NAMIKI TimeLine FUTURE Titanium gray 0.7mm Ball point pen (Black ink)

  • Pilot NAMIKI TimeLine FUTURE Titanium gray 0.7mm Ball point pen (Black ink)
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Specifications: Pen Type: Ball Point; Brand: PILOT; Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan; Country of Manufacture: Japan;

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Time Line FUTURE

BallPoint Pen


Black ink

Time Line

The Timeline Collection is a distinguished line of writing instruments from Pilot. A double-twist mechanism is used to retract the pens. One twist retracts the ballpoint tip and a further twist retracts the entire nose of the pen, resulting in a very clean and minimalistic look. In this Present series, pens feature resin bodies and have comfortable, tinted grips. Refills are available. 

Each pen is packaged in a unique cylindrical gift tube made of shiny white plastic, which can also be used as a display stand for the pen. The cylindrical tube is further packaged in a glossy white paper box.

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 However, it is very beautiful thing!

How do you use it?

1. Letter
2.  Important signature
The signing ceremony
5. S
6. Gift

7.  Words / composition

8.  Study

9.  Business

10. Fashion

11.  Others・・・

What would you do?


  Axis Manufacture :  Pilot Model : Pilot TimeLine FUTURE Ballpoint pen  Item No : BTL-5SR-TGY (Titanium gray)Refill :  BRFN-30F-B (Black ink)

Tip Material : MetalTip Size  : 0.7mm Sheath : Aluminum + PaintedBody : Brass + PaintedGreatest diameter  : 13.4mm Length: 120mm Weight: 30.5gMade in JAPAN

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