Schmidt Intrinsic Fountain Pen, White, Medium Nib (SC82168)

  • Schmidt Intrinsic Fountain Pen, White, Medium Nib (SC82168)
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The culture of writing is celebrated by the use of the most precious writing instrument, the fountain pen. Therefore, we don't accept any compromise when the quality of your writing instrument is concerned. Schmidt fountain pen technology is offering a vast variety of choices for the design of your fountain pens. For decades Schmidt Technology has been developing and producing finest fountain pen nib units for the most famous brands of the world. The Schmidt fountain pen program offers a wide array of different writing nibs of different materials and surface treatments.

1 White Schmidt Intrinsic Fountain Pen Comes with Medium Size Fountain Pen Nib Available in Black, Blue, Light Grey, White, Orange, Violet and Turquoise

Distributed by Lanier Pens. Made in Germany by Schmidt Medium Size Fountain Pen Nib