Waterman 552 1/2v SOLID 18k GOLD Almost Noodle Flexible (XF - BBB)

  • Waterman 552 1/2v SOLID 18k GOLD Almost Noodle Flexible (XF - BBB)
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Specifications: Pen Type: fountain; Material: Gold; Features: Chrome Trim; Brand: Waterman;

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A Waterman 552 1/2v with a solid gold 18k barleycorn overlay. This is a gorgeous pen and a fantastic writer. The nib is extremely flexible and has very wide variation. Not quite a wet noodle, but close enough that most flex hounds will be extremely satisfied. It also has some fantastic hairlines, despite being a very smooth, very controlled writer. Perfect for all writing styles. The body is near perfect. There is some minor wear to the imprinting on the cap. The gold is shiny, heavy, and so attractive. 
I estimated about 20 grams of 18k gold in this pen. 

Who would enjoy this pen?
Artists - This pen has excellent line variation, perfect for artists and calligraphers.
Beginners/Writers - This pen is easy to control and has a smooth, fairly wide nib profile. This makes it an excellent choice for regular writing or for users new to fountain pens. 
Collectors - This pen is made of solid gold. That alone is rare and valuable, but solid gold overlays are typically 9k or 14k. This one has an 18k gold overlay, which is uncommon. Added to that, the overlay style is barleycorn, which is highly desirable!
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552 one half v


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  [FlipperToolsVideo] Is this pen ready to be used?
Absolutely! All pens I sell are ready to be inked and used immediately.
How do I use this pen?
This pen is a lever-filler, meaning that the filling mechanism is operated by a lever set into the barrel. When the lever is raised, a pressure bar inside the pen squeezes a rubber inkwell called a "sac." To fill the pen, dip the tip of the pen into a container of ink, pull and then release the lever, and ink will be drawn into the sac.
What's this pen made out of?
This pen is made of hard rubber with a solid gold overlay.
Why collectors love hard rubber
Hard rubber is one of the earliest...