Platinum fountain pen bikou modern Makie phoenix fine PTL-12000M # 17-2

  • Platinum fountain pen bikou modern Makie phoenix fine PTL-12000M # 17-2
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Specifications: Brand: PLATINUM; MPN: PTL-12000M-17M; Publisher: PLATINUM; EAN: 4977114108341; UPC: 4977114108341;

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Platinum fountain pen bikou modern Makie phoenix fine PTL-12000M # 17-2


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Total length 139 mm x maximum diameter 13 mm
AS resin
* Cartridge Ink: SPSQ-400, SPN-100A aqueous dye inks * Product Specifications: Modern the AS resin body makie # 17 "phoenix"

Delicate appearance in YoshiTakumi slender is the intellectual nostalgic. Pen decorated with 14 gold and 18-carat gold-friendly form, which continued to be loved without change carries with a supple ink to paper. The fact that writing a beautiful character is honest feelings, we believe that begin to be prepare the mind. This "YoshiTakumi series" is, mind calm day-to-day, the brush enough to take in hand proceed, was the hope and the like can create a beautiful character. Kanazawa foil, is balanced style of harmony be subjected to the axis of the Japanese traditional crafts in Kaga flat Makie, it is a solid fountain pen to tell the Kazukokoro.


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