Platinum Izumo “Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu” Tiger in the Bamboo Forest Maki-e FP

  • Platinum Izumo “Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu” Tiger in the Bamboo Forest Maki-e FP
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan; Brand: Platinum;

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Platinum Limited Edition Izumo “Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu” Tiger in the Bamboo Forest Maki-e Fountain Pen with Fine Nib

Product Description

Platinum introduces the Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu Izumo Fountain Pen in 2017. The design of this stunning pen from Platinum is based on a Japanese panel painting of tigers called 'Gunkozu', believed to be the work of 17th century artist Tanyu Kano. The tiger was known in Japan as one of the Four Divine Beasts from China, and considered legendary as it was never seen. Its image has been viewed by eastern warriors since ancient times as a symbol of strength.

The Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu fountain pen features an illustration of a tiger emerging from a bamboo forest, and has been created using the taka maki-e technique. This involves charcoal powder being applied in several layers to the ebonite body of the pen, to raise the design and give it depth. The image of the tiger will become glossier with age and use. The pen comes with a 18k "F" gold nib finished in rare ruthenium. The clip and ring are also finished in matte ruthenium.

It comes with a an attractive black paulownia wooden box, ink bottle, a converter and a textured black crepe fabric pouch with a decorative string closure and cloud charm.

Pen Dimensions

  • About 154mm in length when capped; and
  • About 18m in width (max).
  • Weight about 34g.
  • Nib size – F
  • Nib: 18k gold nib

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  • Brand new.
  • Fountain pen is in full mint condition (i.e. uninked and undipped)

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