Vintage Blue Parker 45 TX GT 14K 'F' Nib

  • Vintage Blue Parker 45 TX GT 14K 'F' Nib
    Condition: Used
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Features: TX; Brand: Parker; Featured Refinements: Parker 45;

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The Parker 45 TX is in excellent condition with minimal wear due to age.
The Cap is in near mint condition, there are no plating loss and the plating looks pristine. the coating on the cap has no discoloration and is also in very good condition, there is a small scruff mark directly below the clip where there is contact with the barrel (picture attached) it is barely noticeable.
The Barrel is in good condition as well, the coating is intact with no discoloration. the gold plating on the end is pristine.
The section is in good condition and has micro scratches (picture attached)  which are consistent with age and is due to the opening and closing of the cap, a rub or 2 with a plastic polish will easily remove them. the threads of the section are in excellent condition.
The Nib is a Gold 14K Fine, it is uninked and in excellent condition. i have not cleaned the nib to let it maintain its "vintage" condition, the Feed and Collar have been changed to a used but good condition one as the previous set had a scruff mark on the collar.
The converter looks intact and still pumps with suction when pressed. 
*Not included: There is a P45 TX Blue ballpoint pen which belongs to the same set, but it is used and there is a mild color different to the fountain pen due to use, i can add it in for $50 USD if you wish, please contact me before buying if you are interested. the condition of the ballpoint pen is good with no plating loss or pitting on the plates and minimal micro scratches.