Vintage Restored Parker 45 Insignia Rolled Gold Fountain Pen

  • Vintage Restored Parker 45 Insignia Rolled Gold Fountain Pen
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Specifications: Material: Gold; Brand: Parker; Product Type: Pens; Era: 1960s; Type: Pens;

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The Parker 45 debuted a charming little filling mechanism that Parker had been working on, the aerometric filling system. This system has always struck me as an interesting transitionary point between modern cartridges and the various old systems. The aerometric was a removable converter with a rubber ink sac.  While the 45 began life as an affordable student pen in the 60s, it sold so well that by the mid 60s Parker released a luxury line. Indeed this pen has been so successful that it sold until 2007.

This pen is one of those very luxury 45s. This is a later version of the impressive Insignia 45 in Rolled Gold. The metal pens in this line are heavy pens, which gives them a nice weight while writing.


The 14kt gold nib writes a very smooth medium line. 

With every pen purchased I'll provide a brief writing sample. 


If you are unhappy with the pen in any way, I'll provide a full refund.


Since the cost of my shipping has (fairly) come up a few times, I’ll include a brief note here explaining. My shipping costs are high because I always purchase signature on delivery and include insurance. It’s my responsibility to ensure the pen gets to you safely or refund you if it doesn’t. And even with these high costs, I still lose money on shipping with every pen sold, which is just to say I’m not profiting from the shipping cost at all. Thank you for your understanding.