JINHAO X450 Ruby Curve Fountain Pen Medium Nib + 5 Free Black Cartridges

  • JINHAO X450 Ruby Curve Fountain Pen Medium Nib + 5 Free Black Cartridges
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Specifications: Brand: Jinhao; Product Type: Pens; Type: Fountain Pen;

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Jinhao X450 Fountain Pen, Ruby Curve

The X450 is the flagship of the JINHAO range, and our most popular pen in store. 

The construction is solid lacquered brass, with gold coloured steel trim. The pen feels smooth in the hand and has some noticeable weight to it due to the solid brass construction. 

The grip section has three textured recessions that makes this pen very comfortable to write with. It is a great pen for first time fountain pen users and for students learning handwriting, but also an incredibly good-value addition to the collection of any fountain pen collector. 

The nib is a two-toned gold and silver size 6 medium nib, in steel. Unlike other Asian fountain pens, this is a true medium nib, with some element of flex, making it perfect for cursive script and flourishes. As it is a size 6, it can also be swapped out with similar sized nibs from other manufactures. 

The feed is a JINHAO patent original, which delivers a continuous, unbroken flow of ink. The true pleasure of writing with a fountain pen lies in the smooth and rich feeling of ink flowing to paper, and the feed of this pen provides this in droves. 

The cap is also made of solid lacquered brass, with a strong but flexible clip, making it perfect to carry in a pocket. The pen can be used both uncapped and posted, as the cap sits very tightly on the base of the pen. Opening and closing the X450 gives a solid and satisfying "click". 

The converter, which most of our pens come with, is very easily operated, holds a considerable amount of ink and is easily cleaned and maintained. The whole pen can be disassembled and cleaned.

All in all, the X450 is a sturdy, elegant and pleasurable pen to use. It is comparable in quality to other models that can cost hundreds of dollars, but at an insanely competitive price. Rated the "best-value-for-money fountain pen" in the world by...