Before & After-Pen Restoration Kit for Vintage Fountain Pens

  • Before & After-Pen Restoration Kit for Vintage Fountain Pens
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Before & After-Restoration Kit for Vintage Fountain Pens-8oz bottle 
Before and After are the first products made specifically for your hard rubber fountain pens.  Our products will work with all types of hard rubber including black, mottled and cardinal red.  You simply drop the pen into the solution and after a period of time you remove it and wipe off the oxidation.  Any excess deoxidizer can then be removed with mineral oil.  Our polishes are made to break down quickly so as to not harm the rubber.  The balm maintains and protects your pens from further oxidation.  
Each 8oz bottle should restore between 12-15 fountain pens.  This will of course depend on how oxidized each pen is.  Heavily oxidized pens may require re-immersion for a second time. 
 This product will not harm silver plate, sterling silver, gold filled, solid gold or other metals.  
Our extra fine polish is made with abrasives that break down very quickly.  I contains anti-oxidants that will also help protect the pen.
Our fine polish has a stronger abrasive.  This is sometimes needed on extremely oxidized pens.  We do recommend covering imprints when working with this.
The Hard Rubber Balms have no abrasives.  These will remove minor oxidation and will also maintain and protect the hard rubber.
Please be aware that results may vary from pen to pen.  This is due to a number of different factors including the quality of the rubber as well as the environment the pens were stored in.  
For best results please follow instructions that are provided with the product.
S/H for the kit is free within the United States.
Overseas buyers should please contact me for cost of s/h.