ACME Fountain Pen Conversion Kit NEW

  • ACME Fountain Pen Conversion Kit NEW
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ACME Fountain Pen Conversion Kit NEW

One ACME Fountain Pen Conversion Kit. Converts any Standard ACME roller ball pen into a fountain pen. The medium fountain nib is a German made, stainless steel nib with an iridium point. The Conversion Kit comes with a reusable ink reservoir.


Fountain Nib:
L: 4-1/2"

L: 5-1/4" W: 5/8"

About ACME Studio

Started in 1985, ACME Studio is an international product design company, producing and marketing writing instruments, and other design objects. Its products are the result of cooperation with the world’s leading architects, designers, artists, foundations, estates and institutions. ACME Studio has a habit of producing limited editions and/or discontinuing products and destroying the molds – this causes items to become very unique and collectible.


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