PSP Ranga Zayante Acrylic Fountain Pen - Green & Olive, Hand Made, JoWo Nib C/C

  • PSP Ranga Zayante Acrylic Fountain Pen - Green & Olive, Hand Made, JoWo Nib C/C
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Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Handmade;

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Type  Handmade fountain pen in an exclusive Peyton Street Pens design

Product Name  "Zayante"

Manufacturer and Year  PSP and Ranga, 2015

Length  5-1/2"

Filling System  International style cartridges and converters. The pen has been configured to accept a screw-in German nib unit which works with international style cartirdges and converters. A converter will be included. In addition, the converter can be removed so that you can use the pen as an eyedropper. 

Color  This listing is for a Zayante in a unique acrylic color combination that is surprisingly pleasing -- a pastel green swirled with an olive green. It will come fitted with a gold colored clip, unless you request a silver clip. If you refer to our eBay store, you'll see we have these in a few different ebonite (hard rubber) and acrylic designs. Please note that the patterning of the colors will be a little different from the photo, as every pen is unique.

Nib  You have a choice of nibs. The pen is fitted with a German screw-in nib unit made by JoWo. You will need to send a message to specify your nib choice. We have:

 -  two-tone nibs in fine, medium and broad

 -  polished steel nibs in these three sizes as well as XF, 1.1mm and 1.5mm.

 We do try to keep all nib sizes in stock. See writing sample below.

Condition   Brand new, never used. New converter. Fully guaranteed. We inspect and adjust each nib as needed before shipping, so that you can count on a nice smooth writing experience out of the box. Ships in Peyton Street Pens gift box.

In the photo below, you will see some of the ebonite and acrylic colors available....