PLATINUM Modern Maki-e 美巧Vicoh 双龍"Soryu" Medium(M) Nib 18K Gold PGB-12000M #71-3

  • PLATINUM Modern Maki-e 美巧Vicoh 双龍"Soryu" Medium(M) Nib 18K Gold PGB-12000M #71-3
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    Location: Japan
Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Platinum; Country of Manufacture: Japan; Material: Gold;

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Brand New 【Authentic】 PLATINUM Japan

perfect, brand new, made in Japan, never used
With a brand new gift box
With a manual of the manufacturer written in Japanese
With an ink cartridge for PLATINUM fountain pen's exclusive use


Modern Maki-e Vicoh "Soryu"

color #71 Red

Body (PMMA resin)
Ring parts (chrome plating on brass)
Grip: AS resin
Clip: gold plating on spring steel
Pen nib
18Kt Gold Nib
Medium(M) nib.
Barrel: 14.5mm (max diameter)
Length: 139.5mm
Weight: 21g

Filling System: Cartridge & Converter (sold separately)

 About Vicoh brand The thin and delicate design gives a novel and nostalgic feel. It matches perfectly with a barrel of Japanese traditional crafts such as the gold leaf and maki-e, and it is a sound fountain pen that delivers the spirit of Wa (harmony). We hope through our Vicoh series, one is enabled to personify a peaceful life through a beautiful smooth writing experience
 A Symbol of Good Luck The two dragons (“Soryu”) are miraculously well expressed on a fountain pen barrel, using as a motif a painting of the dragon originally illustrated by a master craftsman. A dragon has been commonly drawn as a symbol of auspicious power that represents people’s hopes from the ancient times. The two dragons are drawn as a pair of “a-un” dragons separated on the cap and the barrel. “A-un” is a concept where “a” refers to the first sound pronounced when opening a mouth while “un” is the last sound pronounced when closing the mouth. Therefore, the two sounds are believed to symbolize the beginning and the end of the universe. We have...