Pilot NAMIKI “Urushi” lacquer Maki-E Crane and Tortoise "鶴と亀" #10 F nib 18K

  • Pilot NAMIKI “Urushi” lacquer Maki-E Crane and Tortoise "鶴と亀" #10 F nib 18K
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    Location: Japan
Specifications: Pen Type: Fountain; Brand: Pilot; Country of Manufacture: Japan;

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Description Welcome to our eBay listing, thanks very much for looking!
Brand New 【Authentic】 PILOT Japan

perfect, brand new, made in Japan, never used
With a brand new exclusive gift box
With a manual of the manufacturer written in Japanese
With an ink for PILOT fountain pen's exclusive use

Pilot NAMIKI “Urushi” lacquer Maki-E Crane and Tortoise "鶴と亀" #10 F nib 18K
The design is available with a 18 karat gold nib, assuring long lasting, impeccable writing performance.
Model number: FK-10MP-TK-M

Function:Screw-type cap
Nib material: 18kt Gold nib
Nib size: F (Fine) nib #10
Bundled commodity : Converter included (CON-70) / cartridges ink you can use
Size:14.2 x 142 mm weight:32.5g
Shaft sheath: brass, ground coated soldering color lacquer finishing
Accessories: velvet upholstery, Bimini w/case size: 65 H x 195 W × D 112 mm
If the lacquer products are all products hand-made for the photo is somewhat different.

= Care = = = lacquer, lacquer products ==
● Please note may be fading by UV. (So sensitive to UV absolutely please avoid direct sunlight. )
-Dirt wash gently with SOAP and water, wipe it with a soft cloth.
-Saving time wrapped in soft fabric and does not dry where checkbook.


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PILOT Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1918, was an alumni and professor of Tokyo Nautical School.
He successfully invented a gold writing tip for fountain pens.
Namiki’s success owed to the collaboration from his...