Picasso 916 Malage Fountain Pen Elegant Pen Extra Fine Nib 0.38mm Red

  • Picasso 916 Malage Fountain Pen Elegant Pen Extra Fine Nib 0.38mm Red
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Specifications: Brand: Picasso; Pen Type: Fountain; Material: Metal;

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Picasso 916 Malage

Transmitting the feelings during writing, it describes the aesthetics of hometown. Malaga pen body use the particular carving technique to emboss mysterious net patterns, and it looks like in the dreamy land and is full of charm. The shining colors of pure black, bright red and orange are for Picasso’s missing of his hometown, and also the descriptions on his hometown as well.


Brand : Picasso 916 Malage Fountain Pen

Nib : Extra Fine Nib(about 0.38MM)

Length(Approx): 135MM;   Weight: 28G;   Diameter(Approx): 11MM

Ink Adding: Work wtih bottle ink and standard cartridges

Cap: Push type

Converter: Screw type

Color: Red

Application Scene: Best for Office/Business/ Writing/Calligraphy/Gift

Package Included: Fountain Pen x 1 (Do not contain ink)

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