Sheaffers Doctors fountain pen 1930s pearl celluloid double nibbed rare lot w932

  • Sheaffers Doctors fountain pen 1930s pearl celluloid double nibbed rare lot w932
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This is a super rare Sheaffer Doctors fountain pen that was made in the USA in the 1930s. 
It is two fountain pens using one barrel. It has two caps, but only one has a nib. It is made in pearl celluloid, a color which was used in some Sheaffer pencils, but this may be the only pen it was used in.
I bought this about 15 years ago from an antique dealer in Fort Madison. He knew nothing about pen but he told me it came from a doctors estate.  It may be a prototype or one of a kind.

Maker:   Sheaffer
Color:    pearl
Year: 1930s
Country of Origin: USA
Cap Material:       celluloid
Barrel Material:    celluloid
Cap Style: screw on
Trim Material:   gold filled
Length with cap on:   6 5/16"
Nib Material:   14K gold
Nib Marking:     Sheaffer's 3
Nib Width (tip):  fine
Working Condition:  not serviced, not working
Scratches or Cracks:   minor scratches, some cracks on the tops of the caps
Imprint:    none except the clip
Filling System:   lever fill

A rare pen.  The sections are unusual, I remember seeing them in other Sheaffers pens, maybe a Crest?
The tops of the caps are both cracked. This is from the way the caps were made, blending the tops together because they used tubes to make them.  No imprints. Red and black dots to tell you what color ink was in which pen.
The cracks in the cap were already there when I bought the pen and have not changed at all in 15 years.
You could have them repaired but I would just keep it in careful storage like I have done for 15 years and it should not change. There were bladders in it, but I removed them 15 years...